Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the vineyard in any room...

A friend loveth at all times.
Proverbs 17:17
The grapes on this vase make me think of how rich and juicy life can be sometimes.  A life full of everything you want and need.  Happiness everywhere.  And then as I think of that, my thoughts turn to just the opposite.  Sometimes our lives seem so dry and empty.  I have experienced both kinds of times and different emotions come with each.  Throughout all times in my life, people have been there for me.  People have shared in the joy of my accomplishments and my getting married.  They have been there for me when my grandmother passed away and my father was diagnosed with cancer.  During both kinds of times in the lives of others, I want to be there.  When marriages happen, when babies are born, when a kid I know gets a good grade.  When friends experience the death of a family member, when someone hears a mean comment, when someone is just feeling down for an unexplained reason.  For someone experiencing the exquisite and unmatchable joy given by God, I want to share in that joy.  And for someone who is too weak and too far into mental despair, I want to be there to pray for him/her and let him/her rest.  Together we can hold each other up. 

This vase was made for a room that was already decorated with wine glasses and bottles, and of course grapes!  Three different shades of green tissue paper make up the leaves of the vase.  It is accented with green wire and artificial grapes.  Topped with beautiful deep purple hydrangeas, this vase turned out to be stunning.  


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